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cyber security made easy

 Statistically You Will Be A Victim Of Digital Crime!

The RISK: You will be attacked at your most vulnerable point

The OBJECTIVE of SECURITY: Reduce vulnerability, improve resilience and be cyber safe 

The SOLUTION: Identify gaps, implement fixes, keep cyber security top of mind

3 Remarkable Principals To Be Secure

Be Aware

Cyber gangs don't care that you are busy servicing your clients. They are are more prevalent, tech savvy and persistent than ever before. The cost of a cyber attack is increasing as they demand more. Regulations are being imposed. Know your assets and vulnerabilities. Engage resources to keep you aware of fixes, new vulnerabilities and the best cyber hygiene practices.  

Be Protective

Your business needs you to be proactive in its protection. Business assets of money, goodwill and productivity need to be protected from cyber criminals. Put in place protective technology and teach everyone in the business to have safe hands


Be Empowered

In business you will experience amazing results when you and your team feel empowered. Empowered is a feeling of being in control, having a plan. It is understanding that you can influence outcomes. Steps to empowerment are 1. Knowledge  2. Action So Learn what you can do to protect your business. Then create a prioritised protection plan focused on critical assets.

9 Simple Steps To Clobber Cyber Crooks


Know Your Risk

  • Understand Assets

  • Assets include hardware, software, devices, IoT(internet of Things), network, data repositories.

  • Define Critical Data

  • Know which data is sensitive and which is most likely to be hacked e.g. credit card, personal info, intellectual property.

  • Prioritize Effort

  • Ensure your most critical data is protected properly and first.  Reduce the risk of an attack outcome to acceptable for all other assets.


    Install The Tech

  • Manage Configuration

  • Don't leave your technology to look after itself. Default passwords, setting and connections must be secure. 

  • Backup & Recover

  • Keep assets safe by backing up and having a robust disaster recovery plan that involves everyone as well as ensuring responsibility. 

  • Install Protection

  • Firewalls, Mobile Management, Anti Virus, VPN, Password managers, Encryption storage, Monitoring and Security Policies 


    Power Your People

  • Knowledge

  • Teach people what can they expect? Who to contact for help? Hygiene principals in keeping safe. 

  • Empowered Culture

  • People can be the weakest link or best firewall. A culture of cyber hygiene (top of mind) will reduce the impact of cyber attacks.

  • Manage Access

  • Ensure the right person sees the right data. Remove access that is not needed. Secure passwords and MFA (Multi-factor-authentication) 

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