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cyber security made easy

Cyber Security Elements

for Audit

Understanding your business and where it exits with regards to being cyber safe is important. As a business you have already implemented cyber-attack mitigating elements like anti-virus, password protection, secure wifi etc. Knowing, documenting and planning is one of the most essential elements of cyber security that you need to implement. Understanding and planning allows you to implement security measures that are most effective given your limited resources and the threats your particular business is facing.

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Get your Cyber Gap Anlysis and Action Plan
  • Hardware all electronic devices. Networking, servers, cloud, desktop, and mobile. Owned and BYOD

  • Physical security. Desktop, premises, cabinets

  • Access.  Authentication, passwords, accounts

  • People, awareness, training, culture, contractors, 

  • Network. Fixed and WIFI, video, communication, gateways 

  • Software. Known, unknown, cloud, browser extensions

  • Social, websites, marketing, CRM

  • Backup and disaster recovery

  • Risk analysis

  • Logging and Monitoring

  • Policies and procedures

  • Legislation. Industry specific, National and global requirements

  • Environment. Supply chain, customer 

    • The steps in opting in for a GAP analysis and prioritised cyber action plan


      Know Your Risk

    • Book a meeting

    • I will be in touch to find the best time to meet you. 

    • Gather data

    • An audit conducted through survey, direct questions and observation.

    • Plan

      Create the Plan

    • Understand

    • Crunch the data

    • Report


    • Produce your cyber security gap analysis and implementation action list

    • Knowledge

    • Help you understand the report and what is required.

    • Prioritize Effort

    • Prioritize the implementation with you to be cyber protected as fast as possible while considering your resources. 


      Power Your People

    • Action

    • Continued engagement to help your business be cyber safe